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The evaluation analyzed data from enrollment information kept by the organization, lesson interviews conducted by teachers, student maps and diagrams created during "data festivals" and interviews, and family interviews conducted by Board members and members of the evaluation team. The findings covered four major areas:

Enrollment and persistence
Who enrolled, how long they remained in the program, and how they progressed through the program

Instrumental ability, dedication to regular practice, depth of involvement in practice and performance, and general knowledge of mechanics and technique of playing, vocabulary, concepts, and history

Ability to self-assess, self-esteem, motivation, and a willingness to develop different strategies to achieve one's goals

Participation in a wider world
Building and drawing on a community of support, and connecting to a network of wider musical and civic experiences

The evaluation report offers findings in the areas of achievements, challenges, and recommendations. Download the full report here.
The actions CMW is taking in response to WolfBrown's findings are listed on the above mentioned pages (enrollment and peristence, musicianship, agency, participation in a wider world) as well as on the actions page.