Community MusicWorks Photo Journal

(As of January 2006, please visit our Flickr account or our blog for current photos)

Louis, Itza, and Fidelia's string quartet (with Sebastian filling in for Daryll) performs at the Carriage House. (December 2005)

Naika and Josh's string quartet (with Jesse and Sara as subsitute members) performs at the Carriage House. (December 2005)

Community MusicWorks students rehearsing for a Youth Salon performance. (December 2005)

Jesse (in winter hibernation mode) teaching Zeeny. (December 2005)

Jessie coaches Sydney during a Phase II string quartet rehearsal. (December 2005)

The Providence String Quartet presents a free concert at the West End Recreation Center

featuring Beethoven's String Quartet Opus 59, No. 2. (October 2005)

Community MusicWorks students and staff with guitarist Rami Vamos and special guests

pose for a photo during an all-day retreat at Camp Canonicus. (October 2005)

Cellist Tahirah Whittington answers questions from Phase II students after a performance

by the CORE Ensemble at the University of Rhode Island. (September 2005)

Phase II students ride the waves near Newport with Captain Kyle Dufur at the helm. (June 2005)

The Providence String Quartet performs a free concert in Providence's Waterplace Park. (June 2005)

Tania, Sascha, Marays, Ashley, and Jovanne at the end-of-the-year picnic in Waterplace Park. (June 2005)

Jessie and Mom during the end-of-the-year picnic at Waterplace Park. (June 2005)

Sebastian introduces the Providence String Quartet during their New York City debut performance. (June 2005)

Sara prepares for the Providence String Quartet's NYC debut. (June 2005)

Sebastian, Jessie, Jesse, and Sara pose for the camera at the J. Paul Getty Center,

the site of their performance with the Island Moving Company. (June 2005)

During a Phase II jam session in the CMW office led by visiting cellist Rob Bethel, Josh Rodriguez improvises

with a little help from Jesse and Jessie. (May 2005)

Sebastian improvises a solo over the sonic texture created by Phase II musicians. (May 2005)

Jessie teaches an ensemble piece (which she composed) to Sebastian and Phase II violinists. (May 2005)

Seen here performing the Brahms Sextet in G Major at Greenvale Vineyards, the Community MusicWorks "big band"

includes former resident musicians Minna Choi and Heath Marlow. (May 2005)

Sebastian is joined by Will Fedkenheuer of the Borromeo String Quartet, Mike Reynolds of the Muir String Quartet,

and pianist Shuann Chai for a Mothers Day performance of the Brahms Piano Quartet in A Major. (May 2005)


Jessie and Sara warm up prior to a house concert in Warren, Rhode Island. (April 2005)

Sebastian poses outside of the Community MusicWorks office with cellos donated by the Classics For Kids Foundation. (April 2005)

Community MusicWorks students try out the ropes course during the February vacation retreat. (February 2005)

Josh Rodriguez entertains during the Community MusicWorks retreat. (February 2005)

Jesse works with a Phase II ensemble during the annual retreat. (February 2005)

The Community MusicWorks cello students perform en masse at a Performance Party. (February 2005)

Family, friends, neighbors, and musicians take in a Performance Party at the Church of the Messiah. (February 2005)

Bluegrass cellist Rushad Eggleston entertains the crowd at a Musical Workshop. (January 2005)

Jazz violinist and composer Diane Monroe leads a Musical Workshop at The Met School, Peace Street Campus. (January 2005)

Louis Ortiz practice jazz rhythms and modulations during Diane Monroe's visit to the West End. (January 2005)

Jesse and Paul perform on stage at a Friday night Youth Salon arranged by

Community MusicWorks in the Black Box Theatre at The Met School, Public Street Campus. (December 2004)

Master improviser Rob Bethel conducts the Providence String Quartet members and Community MusicWorks students

in an organized jam session during the Youth Salon. (December 2004)

Tae Ortiz and visiting pianist Jonathan Biss work intently during an open dress rehearsal prior to a free community concert

presented by Community MusicWorks in the gynamsium at the West End Community Center. (November 2004)

Photo by Arthur Zachai. Click here for more of Arthur's photos of the open dress rehearsal.

Sebastian assists Ruth Desrosiers as she prepares for her performance with

pianist Jonathan Biss at the West End Community Center. (November 2004)

Photo by Arthur Zachai. Click here for more of Arthur's photos of the open dress rehearsal.

Jonathan Biss and the Providence String Quartet perform the Brahms Piano Quintet in the gymnasium at the

West End Community Center for an enthusiastic audience of students, parents, and neighbors. (November 2004)

Mayor David N. Cicilline welcomes the Providence String Quartet before a noontime performance

of Beethoven's "Serioso" Quartet at Providence City Hall (October 2004).

Rhode Island Philharmonic Music Director Larry Rachleff inspires young conductors

at The Met School, Peace Street Campus (October 2004).

The Providence String Quartet and some of their students are already feeling in the swing of things

at the 04-05 season's first Phase IImeeting (September 2004).

Minna, Jesse, Sebastian, and Sara cut the ribbon on the new Providence String Quartet rehearsal studio

adjacent to the 1392 Westminster Street office (April 2004).

Mayor David N. Cicilline speaks to the assembled crowd at City Hall before a CMW performance helped

to inaugurate the creation of Providence's new Department of Art, Culture, and Tourism (November 2003).

Kareem Roustom, playing the oud, leads CMW students in an unusual rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

(using an Arabic scale) during a workshop at The Met School, Peace Street Campus. (March 2004)

Cellist Michael Cameron, formerly of the Anderson String Quartet,

presented a Musical Workshop for CMW students. (April 2004)

Rhode Island Philharmonic guest conductor Alastair Willis guides Community

MusicWorks students in the art of conducting. (January 2004)

Phase II students hard at work in rehearsal. (October 2003)

Resident Musicians Jesse Holstein and Minna Choi lead the Phase II ensemble. (October 2003)


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