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actions (CMW's response)

Since receiving the draft evaluation report in Fall 2009, CMW has been implementing program changes in response to WolfBrown's recommendations. These inlude administrative changes (e.g., data collection and Parent Committee), program additions (including Media Lab), and curriculum adjustments (e.g., learning plans and focus weeks).

enrollment and persistence

• Adjusted enrollment age from 7 to 6 years old, giving students a head start on skill development
• Create ongoing data collection systems for persistence and follow-up with families and students
• Help families problem solve to help students stay inspired, involved, and motivated


• Co-create individual learning plans with students to set goals and how to meet them
• Lesson-based reflection that leads to specific practice techniques, group practices and practice contests
• “Focus” weeks and workshops for staff development with outside professionals
• Increased focus on Parent Committee and parent music classes leading to performance


• Media Lab allows student to document own progress via digital audio, video, and photography
• On-line portfolio project creates student learning reflection pieces, making progress is visible for student
• Lesson-based reflection creates mutual respect where teacher learns from student and the student learns their voice matters

participation in a wider world

• Create part-time "community organization" position to focus on collaborative relationships with local churches, schools, and community organizations
• Increase focus on Parent Committee and family music workshops

wider world
• Learning plans include a component called “connect” -- students are encouraged to think about ways to use their musicianship to connect to others within CMW community or beyond
• Students learn documentation skills using digital audio, video, and photography media to produce materials for multiple audiences including other Rhode Island public school students